Adeslas Pet insurance

Because we know that your Pet is another member of your family, we present you SEGURCAIXA PETS, an insurance designed to protect the well-being and health of your dog or cat, for a very economical price and without difference in the premium for the animal's age.

If you have a dog or cat, of any breed, with more than three months and less than 9 years with a microchip, you can insure it in SegurCaixa Adeslas, without questionnaire, and choose, depending on your needs, between a Basic or Complete modality for Have veterinary assistance, access to a wide veterinary staff nationwide and 24-hour emergencies , by calling the customer service telephone number in advance.

In addition, with the Complete modality, you have a veterinary guidance telephone number, with which you can consult a veterinarian with any questions regarding the health of your pet, among other issues.


Basic mode coverage:

  • Death by accident: up to € 1,000 of capital.
  • Theft: up to € 800 of capital.
  • Civil liability: up to € 200,000 of capital.
  • No grace period.

Coverage of the Full modality:

  • Basic mode coverage.
  • Death due to illness: up to € 1,000 of capital.
  • Veterinary assistance.
    • An extensive veterinary chart of more than 300 veterinary clinics with national coverage.
    • Unlimited veterinary consultations.
    • Free rabies checks and vaccination (except official fees).
    • Reduced prices for other services: castration, mouth cleanings, etc.
  • No grace period, except a guarantee of death due to illness, which will apply a 6-month grace period.